Best Football Gifts For 5 Year Olds: Top 10 Ideas

Thanks to online stores like Amazon, buying football gifts for 5-year-olds is a lot easier today compared to previous generations. Need a football for a young boy or girl? You don’t even need to leave the house. Need some tips on which board games you should buy for your children? You’ll find the answers on the web.

Buying for kids is a lot easier than buying for adults, especially when it comes to purchasing football items. For the most part, footy-loving kids will like anything you buy them as long as it’s related to the beautiful game.

In this article, I’ll recommend 10 of the best football gifts for 5-year-olds. As an Amazon Associate First Print Football earns from qualifying purchases. When you buy something through links in our articles, we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

1. World Football Stars Jigsaw Puzzle

Dozens of world-class footballers feature in this 1,000-piece puzzle, from Diego Maradona and Pele to Wayne Rooney and Zinedine Zidane. The jigsaw might take a while to complete, but that’s probably a good thing if you’re in search of a gift to keep your 5-year-old entertained for days and weeks to come.

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2. Messi Soft Touch Training Ball

Regardless of their club allegiance, it’s safe to assume that most young kids are fans of Lionel Messi. The 2022 World Cup winner’s name and image feature on this soft touch training ball, which is perfect for practicing keepy-uppies and technical skills. The item comes with a size 2 football and an ergonomic handle to keep the ball under control.

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3. Jack Grealish SoccerStarz Figure

A football fan’s memorabilia collection isn’t complete until they have at least one miniature football figurine. In fact, as I’m writing this, I can see four old-school Corinthians figures on a table in the distance (Alan Shearer, David Wetherall, Gabriel Batistuta and Ian Wright!). If I had to choose one modern-day figure for a football-mad 5-year-old, I would opt for Jack Grealish.

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4. SoccerStarz 25-Piece Bargain Bucket

Alternatively, for a little bit more money, you could decide to go for the 25-piece SoccerStarz bargain bucket. The set includes miniature football figurines from a variety of teams. This is a great option if your 5-year-old hasn’t decided on which team they want to support yet. Who knows, maybe they’ll become attached to a specific player or kit and go on to support that team forever!

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5. World Football Smart Cards

The World Football Smart Cards game challenges football-loving kids in the most entertaining way possible. The item contains seven games in total, including Snap, Pairs and Rummy. While this game provides children with a fun activity to play along with, it also tests memory skills and educates kids on interesting facts about the world.

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6. Football Snakes and Ladders

The Orchard Toys Snakes and Ladders game is perfect for young football fans. In order to win, players pass the ball up and down the pitch with the ultimate aim of scoring the winning goal. The game can be enjoyed by two to four players.

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7. Educational Football Penalty Shoot-Out Game

Looking for a gift that keeps children entertained and improves their mathematics at the same time? This is the one for you. Orchard Toys’ Penalty Shoot-Out is a football-themed number and counting game. Players have to roll the dice and attempt to match the number of spots to the number on the football shirt. The game aims to help children’s memory and observation skills.

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8. Fullove Football Night Light

The Fullove football night light is a good choice for soccer-mad kids. It comes with a remote-controlled intelligent touch feature, allowing you to switch the lights between 16 different colours. The Fullove brand promotes healthy growth for children with a range of “zero harm design” products.

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9. World Football Stars – Guess Who?

Several well-known footballers feature in a football-themed version of the classic Guess Who? game, including Phil Foden, Mo Salah and Neymar. Players have to ask multiple questions to find out which mystery footballer lies behind each door. At least two players are needed to play the game.

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10. Dino-Mite Football Gift Set

If you’re unsure about buying one specific football gift for a 5-year-old, I recommend purchasing this item from Tickle & Main. The Dino-Mite set comes with a size 3 ball and pump, an illustrated storybook, and a drawstring backpack. The package arrives in a gift box with an orange satin ribbon.

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