Why Did Frank Lampard Retire?

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard

The latest player in the Why Did X Retire series is none other than Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. In this article, I’ll explain the circumstances behind Lampard’s retirement from football. I’ll also provide a breakdown of every season he played throughout his career, from the 1995-96 campaign up until 2015-16. On February 2, 2017, Lampard

Why Did David Beckham Get An OBE?

LA Galaxy's David Beckham

An OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) is a British honour given to outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the country. Many OBE recipients receive the award for services to charity or science. However, footballers including David Beckham have also been lucky enough to be given the accolade for the

Why Did Wayne Rooney Retire So Early?

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

In the 2000s and 2010s, nobody in English football had a stronger desire and will to win than Wayne Rooney. The former Manchester United striker was beloved by fans due to his unrivalled work-rate and ability to score a variety of sensational goals. Given his love for the game, why exactly did the England great

What Happened To Sean Dyche’s Voice?

Everton Football Club Badge

Believe it or not, Sean Dyche’s voice is a hot topic in the football world. Thousands of people search the web every year in search of information about the manager’s gruff voice. Does he eat worms? Does he smoke exhaust pipes? Does he consume gravel for breakfast? The answer to the myths, rather disappointingly, is

Why Does Only One Player Kick Off In Football?

Football player in stadium

If you’re a long-term football fan, you almost certainly grew up watching two players take kick-off in the centre circle. Nowadays, only one player takes kick-off, but why? In 2016, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) announced that one player can take kick-off instead of two. After 18 months of consultations about rule changes, two-player