10 Best Men’s adidas Football Boots To Buy

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If you’ve played football at any level, there’s a good chance you’ve owned some adidas football boots at some stage.

Everyone knows adidas is a quality brand with lots of good options for football fans. I’ve bought adidas football boots myself in the past and always know I’m going to get my money’s worth.

In this article, I’ll guide you through 10 adidas football boots that I think are worth checking out next time you’re in need of some new footwear.

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The list kicks off with traditional black boots before getting into some snazzier designs later on. This article is full of my own recommendations. As white boots are a no-go for me, they don’t make the cut!

Also, just for peace of mind, I analysed hundreds of adidas football boots before creating this list. Rest assured that I’ve only selected boots with reviews that I consider to be above average. Unfortunately, some boot sizes might not be in stock for everyone at the time of viewing.

Let’s get started with my personal favourite…

1. Men’s Goletto VII Tf adidas Football Boots (Black/Royal Blue)

The First Print Football colour scheme is enough to tell you that I like these boots. The traditional black design meshes well with royal blue, creating a boot that looks stylish but not too flashy.

Also, the black/blue colour combination isn’t so striking that it instantly reminds you of a certain football club. That makes these boots a good choice for fans of almost any team.

Key features: Lightweight, built to last, perfect for artificial turf.

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2. Men’s Goletto VII Tf adidas Football Boots (Black)

I liked the previous pair of boots so much that I decided to include them twice. These boots are actually the same as the first option. The only difference is the design and colour scheme.

I prefer the black/blue pair from a fashion perspective, but the black/white version with the adidas logo on the side also look great.

Key features: Lightweight, built to last, perfect for artificial turf.

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3. Kaiser 5 Liga adidas Football Boots

Football boots don’t get much more old school than the adidas Kaiser 5 Liga. The Franz Beckenbauer-inspired design is one of the most popular boots going today.

I had a similar pair to these at the height of my playing days (albeit at Sunday League level). They didn’t quite turn me into Der Kaiser, but at least I looked the part!

Key features: Excellent grip on firm ground, reinforced heel cap provides great comfort and fit.

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4. Copa Gloro 19.2 Firm Ground adidas Football Boots

Another very smart design. These boots are slightly different to the others due to the wraparound lace, which fits perfectly between the studs on the bottom of the boot.

They might be worth a try if you want to improve your game. According to the product description, these boots “will take your touch to a new dimension”.

Key features: Adjustable fold-over tongue, wraparound comfort designed to provide smooth contact with the football.

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5. Mundial adidas Football Boots

These adidas football boots have a similar design to the Kaiser 5 Liga boots at option three. The big difference is the Mundial boots focus heavily on improving your game from a technical perspective.

The featured image for this article shows another shot of the classy boot from a different angle.

Key features: Emphasis on comfort and ball control, designed for synthetic turf surfaces.

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6. adidas Predator Freak .3 Firm Ground Football Boots

The adidas Predator boot has been a favourite of many players over the years. These were the go-to pair of boots back in the 1990s, and the latest evolution of the iconic footwear continues to earn rare reviews.

If you’re looking for a classic design with a modern touch, the Predator is probably your best bet.

Key features: Designed with Demonskin technology to enhance ball control and swerve, outsole provides maximum traction.

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7. adidas Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Football Boots

The famous brand name alone is enough to make people take notice when a new pair of Predators are released.

Moving away from traditional black boots, the 20.3 version of the Predator boot is another option worth considering. The red/blue colours mesh together nicely and aren’t so loud that everyone will think you’re a prima donna!

Key features: Comfortable, durable, emphasis on ball control.

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8. adidas Nemeziz 19.2 Firm Ground Football Boots

These boots sure do look the part. As modern-day designs go, this slick colour scheme was one of my favourites out of the hundreds I analysed before writing this article.

Depending on your size, plenty of other colours are available for the Nemeziz 19.2 boots, including black and pink.

Key features: Stretchy collar delivers easy foot entry, durable design helps with ball control.

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9. Copa Sense.4 Flexible Ground adidas Football Boots

Another Copa boot, another cracking design. The wave pattern and colour scheme makes these boots stand out above the rest.

They also contain a stretchy tongue, which makes it easy to get them on and off before and after games.

Key features: Offers high-speed control and stability, built to play on firm ground or artificial grass.

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10. X Speedflow.3 Firm Ground adidas Football Boots

Finally, I’ve saved one of the best for last. Back to black and blue, the X Speedflow.3 is a brilliant option if you want a quality pair of boots that look great and (hopefully) help you play great.

The Speedskin design gives a soft and minimal feel while you’re wearing these boots. The four-way stretch tongue also comes in handy when you’re putting them on before a game.

Key features: Designed for fluid play and an excellent touch, easy to get on and off.

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