Can Kylian Mbappe Speak English?


Kylian Mbappe has been linked with high-profile transfers abroad throughout his extraordinary career so far. Premier League clubs are often mentioned as a possible destination for the 2018 World Cup winner, leading many to speculate whether he can speak the English language fluently.

For the record, yes, Kylian Mbappe can speak English. The Frenchman believes it is important to be able to communicate in several languages to become an international star. For that reason, he began learning English at a young age.

What languages does Kylian Mbappe speak?

Kylian Mbappe is fluent in English, French and Spanish. In 2021, France legend Thierry Henry asked Mbappe about his impressive language skills in an Amazon Prime interview.

“It’s because I wanted to be a great football player and I also wanted to be a public figure and someone important,” Mbappe said. “Today you can’t wish to be an international star and only speak French. It doesn’t make sense. You have to know how to adapt in all circumstances. When you arrive somewhere, you should know how to speak, and that’s it.”

Mbappe can also hold a conversation in Italian, while he has expressed an interest in becoming fluent in Arabic and Portuguese.

What language does Mbappe speak to Messi?

In 2021, Lionel Messi discussed his relationship with Kylian Mbappe in an interview with France Football. The Argentine revealed that he spoke to his former Paris Saint-Germain teammate in Spanish whenever they communicated on and off the pitch.

“With a player like [Mbappe], it’s easy to get along,” Messi said. “Also, Kylian speaks perfect Spanish, so we have good exchanges off the pitch as well. It makes things easier. Now, I’ve only been here a short time, so it’s still a bit early to draw conclusions. But I’m sure it will work out well.”

Mbappe and Messi scored 80 and 31 goals, respectively, during their two seasons together at PSG between 2021 and 2023. They won Ligue 1 in both of those years. However, their inability to capture the Champions League during that time led many to deem their on-pitch partnership a failure.