Best Football Gifts For 8 Year Olds: Top 10 Ideas


Buying football gifts for 8-year-olds is relatively easy. These days, fans are spoiled for choice with a wide variety of items online. On Amazon alone there are a ton of brilliant presents out there that fans young and old can enjoy for years to come.

As a football supporter for three decades, I’ve passed through several product-buying phases. Back in the day, Subbuteo was the big thing. Then came the FIFA and Championship Manager eras. Now fans have all those same items to choose from, plus a bunch of new gifts ranging from books and board games to crafts and quizzes.

In this article, I’ll recommend 10 of the best football gifts for 8-year-olds. As an Amazon Associate First Print Football earns from qualifying purchases. When you buy something through links in our articles, we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

1. Magnetic Football League Table

Fans can follow along with the top four divisions in England by moving magnetic pieces up and down the league table to keep track of teams’ positions. Next to each team, you can write their number of points as the season progresses or choose to leave that section blank. The item can be pinned to a wall or you can stand it up on a table like an ornament or a book.

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2. Guess Who? World Football Stars

Next up, the iconic Guess Who? game – but with a twist. Instead of regular men and women, this version of the Hasbro classic features 24 world-famous footballers. Ask YES or NO questions to find out which mystery footballer lies behind the door. To win the game, you have to be the first player to correctly guess five footballers.

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3. Ultimate Football Heroes Books Series 1

Created by Matt Oldfield and Tom Oldfield, The Ultimate Football Heroes Books Series 1 tells the stories of 10 footballing heroes: Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, Harry Kane, Jack Grealish, Jadon Sancho, Lionel Messi, Marcus Rashford, Neymar and Son Heung-min. The popular series takes young fans through the journeys of their football idols, from grassroots to the hallowed turf of Wembley, World Cups and beyond.

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4. Subbuteo Team Edition – England Set

Subbuteo Team Edition features stronger and more flexible players compared to older versions of the tabletop classic. The gameplay is also quicker and more accurate than ever before. This item comes with 30 outfield players – 10 wearing red, 10 wearing blue, and 10 wearing official England white and blue colours. The set also includes three goalkeepers.

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5. Wembley Stadium 3D Puzzle

This puzzle is a great option if your child needs something to do on a rainy day. It comprises 89 pieces and takes anywhere between three to five hours to put together. The Wembley Stadium version of this Nanostad series is suitable for all English football fans, regardless of which team they follow. A young supporter might change their club allegiance at some point, but they’ll always cheer on their country.

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6. Amazing Football Facts Every 8 Year Old Needs To Know

Written by Clive Gifford and illustrated by Emiliano Migliardo, this 96-page book features over 100 bitesize football facts and trivia for 8-year-olds. It contains information about a wide range of football topics, from Diego Maradona to San Marino. Variations of the book are available in several other age categories.

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7. Global Park Solo Soccer Kick Trainer

This is the ideal gift for any kids who want to improve their technique and keepy-uppy skills. Players simply attach the velcro strap to a football (size 3 to 5) and fasten the belt around their waist. The adjustable strap stretches from 6ft to 18ft, making this the perfect training tool to practice kick-ups and close control. Note: The item does not come with a football.

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8. Shuffle Up Football Fitness Game

The Shuffle Up Fitness Game promotes fun workouts for children with fast-paced action and thrilling gameplay. The set comes with 70 skill cards and 14 different games. Due to the unpredictable nature of the exercises, 8-year-olds are unlikely to lose interest quickly. They can play the games alone or in a group, improving their physical activity and football skills at the same time.

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9. FunKitZ by AToZ UK Football Water Bottle

This collapsible water bottle is extremely durable, making it a good choice for parents who are tired of constantly buying new bottles for football-loving kids. The innovatively designed drinks holder can quickly switch from 550ml to 220ml, so you can save space by collapsing the bottle when needed. The product is eco-friendly and 100 percent leak-proof.

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10. Football Billionaire Match Attax Edition Family Board Game

If your 8-year-old dreams of getting involved in the lucrative world of football one day, this might be the best gift for them. Football Billionaire allows players to purchase clubs, buy stadiums and create teams en route to the top of the sport. The game needs 2-6 players and is suitable for anyone aged six and above.

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