Man City Gifts: 10 Ideas For Him And Her

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Man City gifts are almost guaranteed to go down well with fans of the Premier League club. Whether you need an idea for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Secret Santa or any other special occasion, First Print Football is here to cover all basis.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best Man City gifts on Amazon, including ideas for men, women, kids, friends and the rest of the family.

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To make this guide easier, we’ve separated the ideas into three categories:

Man City gifts for him and her

The first few items in this list are aimed at Man City gifts for men and women. These ideas could be appealing if you want Man City gifts for dad on Father’s Day or Man City gifts for mum on Mother’s Day. Many of these items are also suitable for boys and girls.

Personalised Man City gifts

If you want your present to have a custom feel, personalised Man City gifts can be purchased online. We’ll highlight the best of them further down the list.

Unusual Man City gifts

“Wow! I didn’t even know this existed!” If you’re looking for that kind of reaction from the recipient, the gifts at the end of the list might be worth checking out.

Without further ado, here are 10 gift ideas for Man City fans…

1. Manchester City Board Game

If your friend and/or family member loves Man City and board games, you should definitely consider this gift. From the makers of the Football Billionaire board game, this special City edition allows players to build the ultimate team en route to becoming the wealthiest club in the world.

First released on Amazon on November 3, 2021, the strategy game is suitable for children aged six and above, as well as adults. You need between two and six people to play.

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2. Manchester City Beer Mats

Beer-drinking Man City supporters are almost certain to like this set of nine City-related beer mats. From David Silva and Sergio Aguero to Colin Bell and Kevin De Bruyne, several club legends are represented in these brilliantly designed coasters.

The mats are 94mm x 94mm in size, making them perfect for both small and large drinks glasses. The popular item has been available on Amazon since March 26, 2021.

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3. Manchester City Fleece Blanket

This Man City fleece blanket is ideal for watching the game from home in the cold winter months. First released on Amazon on October 21, 2022, the item features the club’s crest and traditional colours.

Although the gift is marketed for men, this would also make a good gift for women. The blanket is super soft and made with high-quality material. At 150cm x 130cm, it’s also the perfect size.

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4. Sky Blue and White Socks

These non-slip grip socks come in a variety of colours, including Man City’s sky blue and white. They have been available on Amazon since June 7, 2021, and are hugely popular with fans of different clubs.

Designed for comfort, the socks contain the words “SHHH! THE MATCH IS ON” underfoot. This gift is likely to go down well with any City supporter, from children to grandparents.

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5. Manchester City Street Sign

The Etihad Stadium street sign is 100 percent brand new and high quality. The item is waterproof, non-glare and easy to clean. It has been available on Amazon since July 3, 2014.

This gift is suitable for most areas of the house (depending on your family’s Man City fandom!), or perhaps you’d rather hang it up in a City-dedicated bar or cafe. The item weighs 138 grams and is 18cm x 40cm in size.

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6. Manchester City Football

An official club product, this size five Man City football can be used for a kickabout with friends or as an ornament in a City-themed room. It was first added to Amazon on July 17, 2019.

The ball features the club’s badge and several players’ signatures. It has above average reviews, with many buyers describing the item as good value for money.

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7. Personalised Manchester City Mug

This Man City mug features the club’s badge, as well as a personalised first name and surname option. The mug is dishwasher and microwave friendly and has been available on Amazon since June 1, 2018.

Any City fan is likely to enjoy this gift, especially children. If you’d rather not include your friend or family member’s surname, you could choose to personalise the mug with a short message instead.

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8. Personalised Manchester City Print

This is a fun gift idea for any Man City fan, especially for someone’s birthday. The mocked-up newspaper print contains lots of personalisation options, including the choice to add the recipient’s first name, surname and age.

Children are likely to enjoy this gift the most, but it might also be well received by adults. The item was first added to Amazon on October 18, 2018.

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9. Manchester City Card Game

This popular Man City card game provides a test of speed, observation and reflexes as players aim to find cards with matching images. An officially licensed club product, it was first released on Amazon on October 19, 2021.

The game requires 2-8 players and is suitable for anyone aged six years and above. It weighs 220 grams and is ‎7.6cm x 13.4cm x 13.2cm in size.

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10. Manchester City 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Man City fans can own their own version of the Etihad Stadium with this 132-piece 3D puzzle. The gift takes at least 90 minutes to assemble and does not require any tools or glue. It has been available on Amazon since April 6, 2017.

The product is suitable for fans aged seven years and above. It weighs 530 grams and is officially licensed by the club.

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