What Do Football Fans Shout At Goal Kicks?

Image credit: pixfly/Shutterstock.com

If you yell an expletive at someone down the street, you’ll probably end up in serious trouble. Do it at a football match, and you might just get away with it. Goalkeepers are frequently on the receiving end of several derogatory chants during games, particularly when they take goal kicks.

Football fans usually shout, “You s**t b*****d!” or “You’re s**t! Ahhh!” when a goalkeeper kicks the ball. The insult occurs seconds after opposition supporters make a slow “ooooooooooh” sound in anticipation of a goal kick being taken.

In some cases, even the best goalkeepers fail to clear the halfway line with an attempted kick down the pitch. When that happens, rival fans instantly react with a chant of “weyyyyy!”.

Why do football fans shout at goal kicks?

Fans shout at goalkeepers as a form of intimidation. If a goalkeeper crumbles under pressure, they might make a mistake and allow the other team an opportunity to score a goal.

Depending on the size of the stadium, tens of thousands of fans can sometimes be heard participating in the loud “ooooooooooh” chant before goal kicks. In theory, the tactic (and subsequent expletives) should increase the pressure on goalkeepers. In reality, most goal kicks go smoothly regardless of whether fans are yelling from the stands.

Arsenal and England goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale occasionally joins in with opposition fans when they attempt to intimidate him. He has been known to pump his fist and shout “You’re s**t! Ahhh!” when rival supporters try to put him off.

Famous goalkeeper football chants

“Who ate all the pies?” is the most well-known chant that goalkeepers sometimes receive at football matches. Goalkeepers generally weigh more than outfield players, which means they tend to stand out compared to their teammates.

If a goalkeeper is noticeably bigger than everyone else on the pitch, rival fans might treat them to the following chant:

“Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? You fat b*****d, you fat b*****d, you ate all the pies!”

The rather harsh chant is sung to the tune of “Knees Up Mother Brown”. Some say Sheffield United fans created the song in 1894 for their own goalkeeper William “Fatty” Foulke. However, it is unclear if that famous story is true.

Can you swear at a football match?

Yes. You can in England, at least. Swearing is common at English football matches. Even with children around, passionate football fans have no problem dropping F-bombs in frustration while watching their favourite team.

In some areas of the world, swearing and shouting obscene remarks at an opposition player might be viewed as disrespectful. In England, it’s completely normal. The aforementioned goalkeeper chants are relatively tame compared to some of the songs heard on the terraces every week.