Why Are Man City Called Citeh?


Due to their lavish spending, Manchester City are not exactly popular with opposing fans. Many supporters of other teams are happy when the side from the blue half of Manchester lose, usually because they enter almost every match as the overwhelming favourites to win. Some fans even insist on referring to Man City as “Citeh” instead of the club’s real name, but why?

“Citeh” is a derogatory nickname given to Man City by fans of other teams. Someone with a strong Mancunian accent might pronounce the word “City” as “Citeh”, which is where the phonetic spelling of the nickname originates.

Given some of the other insulting nicknames out there in the football world, “Citeh” is quite tame. Rival supporters are unlikely to find themselves in too much bother if they use the term around Man City fans. Anyone who says “Citeh” is simply mocking City in a light-hearted manner.

What is Man City’s nickname?

While other fans might use the word “Citeh” to poke fun at the Man City faithful, neutral supporters and the club’s own followers have created several other nicknames for the team.

City is Manchester City’s most common nickname. Citizens and Cityzens are also used by fans, but neither are as popular as City. The Sky Blues is another occasionally used nickname.

Man City even reference two of the club’s nicknames as part of its matchday experience. Visitors to the Etihad Stadium require a Cityzens membership to buy tickets to a game, while fans who prefer executive matchday offerings can purchase a Citizens hospitality package.

Man City on First Print Football

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