Why Do Goalkeepers Always Dive?

Goalkeeper diving towards the ball

It’s often said that goalkeepers are a bit mad. Outfield players get the glory of scoring and creating goals for their team, while goalkeepers receive abuse for 90 minutes from opposing fans and are mostly judged on mistakes. They also dive to the ground thousands of times in their careers, but why? Goalkeepers dive because

What Do Football Fans Shout At Goal Kicks?

Goalkeeper holding a football

If you yell an expletive at someone down the street, you’ll probably end up in serious trouble. Do it at a football match, and you might just get away with it. Goalkeepers are frequently on the receiving end of several derogatory chants during games, particularly when they take goal kicks. Football fans usually shout, “You

Why Are Referees Bald?

Football referee Howard Webb

You might have noticed that a significant amount of past and present football referees are bald. Anthony Taylor, David Elleray, Dermot Gallagher, Howard Webb, Mike Dean, Mike Riley, Pierluigi Collina… the list goes on. So many football referees are bald due to the fact that a lot of men experience some degree of hair loss

5 Times The Knee Slide Went Horribly Wrong

Belgium international Romelu Lukaku

The knee slide is the most devastating celebration in football history – and not in a good way! Every time I watch a football highlights show, at least 10 percent of goalscorers celebrate their achievement by skidding across the turf. The celebration might look cool when it’s executed perfectly, but is it really worth it?