What Happened To Sean Dyche’s Voice?


Believe it or not, Sean Dyche’s voice is a hot topic in the football world. Thousands of people search the web every year in search of information about the manager’s gruff voice. Does he eat worms? Does he smoke exhaust pipes? Does he consume gravel for breakfast? The answer to the myths, rather disappointingly, is no, he does not do any of those things.

To set the record straight, there is nothing wrong with Sean Dyche’s voice. Like many men, he simply has a deep, gravelly voice, and there’s nothing more to it than that.

Speculation about Dyche’s voice set the internet abuzz in 2018 when Soren Anderson made a bizarre claim about his former teammate. Anderson and Dyche both played for Bristol City in the old Division One (aka the Championship) in 1998-99. Speaking on Danish podcast Fodboldministeriet, the former Denmark international outrageously alleged that Dyche used to eat earthworms in training.

“It was a bit disgusting and very strange”

Anderson recalled how Dyche had the same husky voice back in 1998 as he does today. He also indicated that the former defender’s apparent love of eating worms may have caused him to develop voice problems.

“Maybe the voice comes from eating rainworms [earthworms], because every time we trained, he used to eat rainworms,” Anderson said. “It was horrible, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was like, ‘Whoops, there’s a rainworm,’ and then he ate it. It was a bit disgusting and very strange. He was a good player, and I enjoyed being around him, but the thing with the worms was really strange.”

According to Anderson, other people at Bristol City also found Dyche’s worm-eating “disgusting”. He even claimed that some players “complained a bit” whenever Dyche started chewing away on the wriggly creatures.

Sean Dyche denies Soren Anderson’s claims

While Anderson’s story is 100x funnier than the real version, Dyche’s voice doesn’t sound the way it does due to his worm consumption. A few days after Anderson’s comments went viral, Dyche confirmed there was an element of truth to the story, but one key detail was incorrect.

“You get one of them nice big juicy worms, hang it out your mouth just on the edge there, and then [chewing motion] as if you’re chewing it, and of course the worm then comes out, you wash your mouth out with water,” Dyche said at a press conference. “A bit of banter, which Soren’s probably taken a bit too far. He’s probably squirming and turning away at that moment, so possibly a bit of translation difficulty as well, I don’t know.”

Dyche went on to clarify once and for all that he does not, and never did, eat worms. He jokingly added that British adventurer Bear Grylls would probably have been impressed if the story was accurate.